Purim 5776 – Virtual Costume Parade

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costume imageWelcome to the Purim.JewishSilverSpring.org Virtual Costume Parade!

Post your costumes here for the rest of Silver Spring to see.

Slideshow is automatic. Mouseover an image to see the caption. Click on the image to jump to the next image.

The rules:

1 – Captions are fine but don’t say anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying in Shul (whichever Shul it may be)

2 – Costumes & pictures should be in good taste – “wacky” is OK, but keep things covered that should be covered and the moderator always has the final say.

3 – All posts become public – it is still your picture, but remember that once it is on the internet, anyone could copy it. Please only post pictures that you have taken yourself or have full rights to distribute.

4 – All uploads are moderated, and the moderator has the final say.

If you can’t figure out how to upload your pictures from your phone to your computer to post here, you can also submit them via email to purim@JewishSilverSpring.org – just use the “share” or “email picture” function in your phone and send it with the caption as the Subject line.



costume imagecostume image

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